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Ningbo MS Scientific & Educational Instrument Co. Ltd (former Ningbo Mingshan Scientific Instrument and Tool Company) only has a operation history of 30 years. It is the fixed factory of national education commission and teaching instrument and the member of China Teaching Instrument & Equipment Industrial Association, the leading enterprise of provincial and municipal teaching instrument production, was listed in the first batch of centralized purchase organization of the educational department in Zhejiang province in 2007 and passed the authentication of ISO9001-2000 quality control system in 2008.
The company is specialized in producing physics, chemistry and biology instrument and all kinds of common tools in experiment. The registered label of the products is “Feidie”, among which the spring dynamometer series of products are well-known in the same industry in the country. Always following the enterprise culture and management theory of “honest...More>>
Hydrogen p
Thermal Co
Energy Con
Thermal Ge
Cork Borer
Mass Cube
Tubular Sp
Spring Sca
Energy Con
Solid And
Analog Win
Model Of R
Torsion Dy
Solar Cell
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  Hope to meet you at the Fair and discuss more busi -ness opportunities. Our business is for cable and wires. Thank you.
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